Our Team

Claudia Yllanes

Project Manager

Started as an architect Claudia quickly saw that her creative ideas and skills could also benefit the event business.

Marlon Krieger

Project Manager

Driven by passion and commitment.

Marcelo Carballar


From producing the most important music festivals in the world to producing for Continuous Events. For me the path is still the same; 95% sweat and tears, 5% inspiration

Erik Wevers


With a lifetime experience in motorsport it and the growing demand of new event ideas and implementations it was a small step to setup a dedicated company for this.

Kevin Holkers


Not only I’m responsible for the trailer/activation, part of my job is to maintain, supervise and manage logistics.  

Patrick Gerritsen


Responsible for financial planning, risk assessment and general management. 

Coco Castillo

3D Designer

Visualizing an idea is an important step to make it a successful project. The ideas brought by the project managers are easily brought to life by Coco.