Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

We offer hospitality structures that can be tailor customized for your projects.

Our units have build in inverters and battery packs to supply the unit from the needed power and have backup generators. 

Even in the hottest climates the airco condition system can cool down the structure till the desired temperature. In colder climates they can be used to heat up the structure. 

Expandable Movable space

65m2 floor space
Four airco units
Electrical sliding main enterance
2m width stairs
Service entrance in the rear
Led lighting
230V power outlets
Ambient audio system
3060Ah powerbank
14Kw inverter
8,6Kw silent generator

Mercedes Actros mobile space

4 wheel drive
Steering rear axle
Two airco units
Office space with 2 slide outs
24m2 office space
18m2 workshow/loading space
2000Kg tail lift (suitable for cars)
Seating area
Multimedia system in office
1000L fresh water
800L waste water
ShowerLed lighting
230V power outlets
1560Ah lithium powerbank
14Kw inverter
8,6Kw silent generator

Adria Coral XL 670SL PLUS

6 beds
– 2 single beds in the rear
– 1 double bed in the front
– 1 double bed in the seating area
Gas central heating system
230V inverter
Extra battery
Safety Vault
Bikecycle carrier

Full equipped with everything you need for a project or holiday

MAN support truck 

Total length 18,75m
10m2 office space with shower
1000L fresh water
1000L waste water
Inverter with small battery pack
12Kw generator
3 Level storage space trailer
2000Kg car lift
Can carry up to 4 cars
Movable floor in trailer
Equipped with stairs
Led lighting in truck and trailer

MAN 6×6 support truck 

In the case you really want to go anywhere beyond the possibilities of normal trucks we can offer you.

Permanent 6 wheel drive
45m3 storage space
12Kw generator
Cab to seat 3 people

Loose optional products

6×6 meter truss tents including side walls
6 meter hexagon tents including side walls
Diverse other easy-up tents
Furniture (Inside + Outside)